by | Jan 5, 2020

Josh completed his HSC last year in the Illawarra, but didn’t get the HSC results that he wanted.  Meaning that he didn’t get an offer into University. 

Dismayed at first, Josh was at a complete loss at to what he should do now, as he had pinned his hopes on getting into UOW.  It wasn’t until he found out about the 2 Year Associate Degree of Business & Commerce, being offered through the University of Southern Queensland but delivered at Illawarra ITeC in Wollongong, that he realised that all was not lost.   He can also apply for HECS-HELP. 

The Associate Degree of Business and Commerce program is designed to prepare graduates to undertake para-professional work in business and commerce and as a pathway for further learning. Graduates will be able to apply underpinning technical and theoretical knowledge in a range of relevant contexts in both the public and private sectors.   This is absolutely perfect for Josh as this program will give him the necessary skills and qualifications to help him gain employment. It will also be a much needed boost to his resume. 

At the completion of the Associate Degree of Business and Commerce, students should be able to:

  • synthesise underpinning business knowledge, concepts, theories, principles and processes
  • think constructively and logically about business-related issues and problems
  • communicate clearly and concisely in presenting business-related knowledge and ideas to a range of audiences
  • apply business-related knowledge and technical skills to resolve routine problems and make ethical decisions across a range of contexts
  • use initiative and judgement to plan and implement para-professional projects
  • work autonomously and collaboratively as part of ongoing learning and para-professional practice.

The Associate Degree of Business & Commerce is the perfect way to start your degree in business at University. An Associate Degree is a qualification in its own right, but it is also a pathway to a Bachelor Degree. This means that the 16 courses that you study can count towards a Bachelor degree.

Have a chat to Virginia Wren from Illawarra ITeC who is coordinating the Program.