Certificate III in Music

ITeC Music course will give entry level skills and knowledge in Recording, Mixing music and more

CUA30915 Certificate III in Music

ITeC’s Certificate III in music course provides students with the necessary skills to record and mix music in a variety of situations including ‘live’ mixing and studio recording.

The job roles that relate to this qualification may include assistant sound technician, assistant music manager, musician, sound assistant, road crew and more.

These skills can lead to future roles in the industry such as studio engineer, live sound engineer, monitor engineer, producer, radio and television sound technicians, sound for film, forensic audio and many other facets of the audio world.

So what will I learn throughout the course?

Below select the toggles to get more information about what you will learn, the equipment and software you will use.


Students will learn about the different types of microphones and how to set them up for a recording, connect and patch instruments and microphones and route those through various equipment from audio interfaces to digital and analogue mixing consoles. They will also learn gain staging techniques throughout the recording process all inside Illawarra ITeC’s recording studio and theatre.


Students will learn how to edit and manipulate audio and mix various sound sources in the recording studio digital audio workstation (DAW) and in the lab DAW’s. They will learn to use processing and effect techniques including equalisation (EQ), compression, reverb, delay and more in order to finalize and balance the mix.


Students will learn to finalize their mixes and export masters for a variety of delivery platforms such as Sound Cloud, Spotify, YouTube, Redbook CD and more.

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The mentoring and knowledge the staff have is priceless and my entire experience at the Illawarra iTeC exceeded all of my expectations.

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