Certificate IV in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Governance

Are you interested in working as board member or senior staff within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation?

BSB40220 – Certificate IV in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Governance

ITeC’s Certificate IV in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Governance course offers hands-on practical learning experiences to grow the skills and capabilities to help build and maintain strong governance for the organisation. The course also covers understanding obligations and legal and financial requirements as a Board Member and involving the Community to oversee planning, development and implement organisational policies.

The job roles may include board members, contact officers and senior staff within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations. It also applies to public servants working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boards of governance.

So what will I learn throughout the course?

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Learn how Indigenous people who serve in senior organisational roles maintain cultural obligations whilst meeting compliance’s financial and legal requirements. In addition, you will also learn the responsibilities of team leaders, supervisors and new or emerging managers where leadership plays a role in developing and maintaining effective workplace relationships.


Learn and develop how to identify and establish and implement organisational plans and report strategies to inform board members. Develop your skills as an individual responsible for monitoring and guiding activities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.


Learn the skills and knowledge required for board members to work in partnership with the community, including other organizations, to meet community needs and involve people in the organization and its activities. Develop your role as an individual to communicate with the community as a board member of governance of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation.

Course Units

Core Units

BSBATSIM417 – Implement organisational plans
BSBATSIM416 – Oversee organisational planning
BSBATSIM419 – Contribute to the development and implementation of organisational policies
BSBATSIC412 – Maintain and protect cultural values in the organisation
BSBATSIM418 – Oversee financial management
BSBATSIL413 – Review and apply the constitution
BSBATSIL411 – Undertake the roles and responsibilities of a board member

Elective Units

BSBATSIC411 – Communicate with the community
BSBATSIL412 – Participate effectively as a board member
BSBTWK301 – Use inclusive work practices
BSBCMM411 – Make presentations
BSBATSIM420 – Oversee asset management

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The training that was delivered from Illawarra Itec gave me the knowledge and confidence that I needed not only as a board member now but also help with my employment at the Booderee National Park with gaining a Business Governance certificate.

Paul Ardler