Diploma of Business

Are you interested in getting entry level skills to work in the business sector?

BSB50215 – Diploma of Business

Would you like to strengthen your business knowledge of managing systems, human resources, technology, business law and more?

This course focuses on developing your business sense equipping you with knowledge in management processes and the skills you need to lead a team of people.

The ITeC Diploma of Business Course provides you with opportunities to gain employment and transferable skills to become a business owner, executive officer, project consultant, HR Manager, program coordinator,  team leader, office / retail manager and Business Development Manager. The course also provides students with real life practical skills and proficiencies enabling you to gain a promotion or higher salary.  Successful completion of the Diploma of Business will also entitle you to 1 year credit on a 2 Year Associate Degree of Business and Commerce at University.

So what will I learn throughout the course?

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Planning Policies and Procedures

You will learn how to implement modern operational planning techniques which will  help you to track performance and measure achievement, allocate resources, eliminate wastage,  identify and focusing your efforts on the important issues of the business. You will learn how to identify, develop, devise and communicate workplace sustainability policies and procedures to ensure a safe and sustainable workplace. 

Recruit and Mentor

You will learn how to effectively recruit and select the right staff with the right blend of skills and experience to fit the organisations goals and objectives.   You will also learn how to coach, mentor, develop and encourage staff to become more productive.

Finance and Budgets

You will be taught how to utilise practical tools and techniques to help you manage and analysis financial budgets, control finances, review and evaluate financial management processes.

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The lessons learnt through the Diploma of Business course have given me the confidence to work in an organisation with the understanding of how everything works in business.