As the new General Manager for the Illawarra ITeC, I am thrilled to be leading such a wonderful organisation and dedicated team that provide education and support to a diverse range of clients including business, industry and government, youth at risk, people with disabilities, indigenous and disadvantaged jobseekers.

With 25+ years’ experience in VET, higher education and community partnerships, I see education as one of the great enablers and levelers for all people, irrespective of age, gender, culture, physical, emotional and cognitive ability, or socio-economic status. As a parent, foster carer, active volunteer member of the NSW State Emergency Service and Chair of the NSW SES Disability and Carers Committee, my passion for supporting our talented team to enact positive social change in our community through finding the gaps in services and working to fill them is what truly fulfils me.

As our previous CEO leaves us after 30+ years of growing the Illawarra ITeC into something truly remarkable, it is time for new eyes, a fresh approach, innovation and harnessing the latest in technology and educational practices to provide services that inspire, motivate and delight, whilst also preserving and maintaining our core mission, values and services and lead to tangible employment outcomes.

We are working hard to bring new and exciting opportunities to our clients throughout the year and into the future, so add us on your social networks to follow our journey!

We have so many great people and so many opportunities. I want to engage you, our wonderful community of learners, supporters and partners, to work collaboratively to grow the organisation and spread the awareness of the value of our work.

Ali Anderson
General Manager
Illawarra ITeC