Mission, Values and Behaviours

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that every person who comes to ITeC as a client has equal access to skills and training in a flexible, supportive, and caring environment, irrespective of their background and circumstances.

Our Mission

We’re a not-for-profit organisation who engage with, train, and support people from all walks of life, with a strong focus on those who traditionally face barriers to training and employment participation.

Our Legacy

Our legacy is a more inclusive, equitable and productive society with greater community wellbeing where people have more self-worth, confidence, and opportunity.

Our Values & Behaviours

We are a community where people feel welcomed and accepted

1. We are kind, polite and respectful.
2. We are authentic.
3. We provide customised support.
4. We celebrate the achievements of everyone in our community.

We respect each other’s unique strengths

1. We collaborate.
2. We ask questions and actively listen.
3. We communicate respectfully.

We are adaptable and innovative

1. We are courageous.
2. We are innovative, responsive, adaptable.
3. We provide a unique and individual service.
4. We listen and consult with our community.

We create and nurture an environment of learning and growth

1. We celebrate success.
2. We adapt to individual needs.
3. We encourage and support.