Illawarra ITeC pulled up the Tradie Trailer at Oak Flats High.

Nine Year 10 students took part in a carpentry Trade Readiness project learning fantastic skills they can take with them through life. Rick Davies from ITEC Innovative Training Employment + Careers guided our students in the construction leaving them plenty of room to work things out, learn from their mistakes and problem solve together. They also met with Mr Pulley a representative from the construction industry and Ms Jenny Watts, Senior Project Officer at RIEP and project coordinator, (both former students of Oak Flats High), to discuss career pathways.

The purpose of the Trade Readiness Programs is to showcase trades to secondary students and promote trade pathways, thereby introducing new, skilled and diverse workers to the construction sector in the future, and helping students to decide on subject selection, Construction Pathways or trade-focused SBAT’s for their HSC and future careers. The project is fully funded by RIEP (Regional Industry Educational Partnership) program.

Oak Flats High now has a wonderful new pergola to cover the BBQ that was built through a previous Bricklaying Trade Readiness program in 2021! Students will now be able to enjoy a sausage sizzle even if it rains.

Video filmed and edited by Oak Flats High

Click for more information about the Trade Readiness Program.