Aboriginal Business Advisory Initiative

Supporting ABORIGINAL OWNED Businesses

in Illawarra, South East Coast & Riverina of New South Wales, Australia 

Funded by the NSW Government, this initiative provides business advisory services to Aboriginal people and Aboriginal business owners.

Unlocking Opportunities for Aboriginal-Owned Businesses

The Aboriginal Business Advisory Initiative (ABAI) is dedicated to empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs by facilitating access to NSW Government Procurement, offering tailored start-up support, fostering business expansion, and providing vital training and job creation opportunities.


Our support includes:

  • Tailored Business Coaching: Local and culturally sensitive guidance for start-ups and small to medium enterprises.
  • Growth Promotion: Relevant training, boosting confidence, and innovative advice to drive business expansion.
  • Wrap-Around Support: Professional referral pathways to comprehensive support services.
  • Government Connectivity: Enhanced alignment with broader Government initiatives, and
  • Project Involvement: Increased participation of Aboriginal-owned businesses in NSW Government projects.
Replacing the longstanding Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO) program, ABAI has been revitalised to deliver a commercially focused business advisory service. Illawarra ITeC proudly delivers this initiative in Service Area 3 – Illawarra & South East and Riverina of New South Wales, Australia.
About the initiative
This initiative replaces the longstanding Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO) program and has been refreshed to ensure the delivery of a commercially focused business advisory initiative that includes support for existing Aboriginal owned and operated businesses to grow and diversify their business.
Business plan assistance
Discover how crafting a well-structured business plan can enhance your chances of success by identifying target customers, market areas, pricing strategies, and financial objectives. Gain valuable insights into running a successful enterprise and meet vital requirements for securing finance from financial institutions. Let our ABAI Officer guide you through the process of developing a strategic business plan tailored to your goals.
Maximise Your Business Success with Proper Training
Starting your own business can be daunting without a solid understanding of its fundamentals. So, why not consider undertaking business training programs such as the Self Employment Assistance Program, accredited training courses, or related workshops to gain essential knowledge and skills in business operations? Investing in such training equips you with the necessary know-how to effectively run and manage your business that can set you up for success. Don’t overlook this crucial step before diving into entrepreneurship because it could be a costly mistake. Consult your Job Network Provider for valuable referrals to business assistance programs tailored to your needs.
Do you need funds to start your business?
The ABAI Officer can advise you on looking at funding options for your business proposal because they are here to help you achieve your business goals.
Providing local and culturally appropriate business coaching and advice to start-ups and small to medium enterprises in the Illawarra, South East Coast and Riverina. 
Richard Davis

Richard Davis

ABAI Representative - Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands, Queanbeyan and Yass regions

Uncle Richard Davis is a respected elder of the Dharawal Nation and an Aboriginal Business Advisory Initiative (ABAI) advisor for the Illawarra, South-East and Tablelands region. He has been supporting Aboriginal People intending to start businesses and those in established business for the past 32 years.

Richard is very passionate about working with Aboriginal communities, organisations and individuals to help them recognise opportunities and achieve business outcomes in a culturally appropriate manner.

Business advisory sessions with this advisor are reserved for people who identify as Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait Islander.

Richard Davis’ Profile

“For almost 4 years now, I have been communicating with Uncle Richard Davis because I was connected to him through the Illawarra ITeC’s Aboriginal Business Advisory Initiative.

He has given me the ability to transform from a shy individual and into a successful business person with confidence in everything I approach.

Uncle Richard always helps me see a clear view on how my business could potentially gain further growth and I see him as somebody who can express great joy about my business success, which inspires me to strive further.

Working alongside Uncle Richard for these past few years, I will honestly admit has been not only an honor of mine to be in communication with such a respected/respectful Aboriginal Elder but also a great joy and pleasure, who makes me proud of everything I own and have achieved.

Because my self-esteem levels have grown every time we connect, that has lead me to better decision-making, but most importantly, I genuinely believe Uncle Richard Davis has helped enormously change my quality of life.

Whether it be training advice for myself or others, financial advice, or any advice I ask Uncle Richard for, he will go above and beyond; nothing feels too big or small to ask.”



Funded by the NSW Government, this initiative provides business advisory services to Aboriginal people and Aboriginal business owners.
Visit the NSW Government ABAI site.

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